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Vivien J. Paige is a pedophilephobe

and a beastialityphobe and a polygamyphobe and necrophiliaphobe. 233170_main1That has to be the only explanation why she supports “equal rights” of queers but not of pederasts, animal lovers and polygamists.  How can she be so cruel? NAMBLA members are being denied their “equal rights” as we speak, and all Vivian can do is run around “empowering queer activism and leadership.”  Old men and little boy’s rights are being trampled on in all fifty states and all she can do is worry about queers being able to marry. At least they aren’t put in jail.  Gay activists such as “Equality Loudoun” only worry about their own little “equal rights” while leaving poor horse lovers, for instance, out in the cold. Other bloggers Blacknet.net and Below the Beltway who claim to be about freedom, but we know better. Yer all “selective freedom” advocates.  All you “progressive elitists” who think you know best, when are you going to allow marriage to inanimate objects? Those in love with their rubber inflatible (anatomically correct) dollies are human, too, ya know? How could these people be so heartless and cruel? Guys who love dead people are people too.  Oh, gee, this self-righteous fighting for the equal rights of perverts thing is pretty easy! Continue reading

National Cleavage Day

To celebrate, might as well have a look at the most expensive bra in the world. Continue reading

Well, time to take down those signs in Iowa

Warning to you little prissy liberals–you might be offended by the signs. Deal with it.

2eaqln42Get ready for polygamy, beastiality, necrophelia– between consenting adults 😉 😉 –and pedophelia. Yes, pedophelia. The age of consent is already 15 years in Sweden, Denmark and Poland; it is 14 years in Hungary and Puerto Rico; it is 13 in Spain and South Korea. Even Iowa and Indiana have the age of consent at 14 for males and 16 for females. And how long until some young woman challenges those discrepancies between male and female.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sometimes, slippery slopes really are slippery!

This ruling is just end result of sick, perverted lawyers being elevated to the Supreme Court. Years and years of sickness by liberal professors, filtering down to idiotic sick persons who get elevated to positions of power.  America, I weep for you.

A tale of how two different Presidents handled a recession

WASHINGTON (AP) — “The nation’s unemployment rate jumped to 8.5 percent in March, the highest since late 1983…. It’s fresh evidence of the toll the recession has inflicted on America’s workers, and economists say there’s no relief in sight.” 

I got married in 1983.  Ronald Reagan was President then, and was president_reagan_1981busy cleaning up the mess made of this country by Jimmah Carter.  His response was not to run around pandering to all the labor unions and bailing out failing businesses and generally dragging this country towards socialism. Instead he lead the largest tax cut in history to that date. Government wasn’t the solution, it was the problem, was one of his mottos. Put more money in the hands of The People, decrease the amount of regulations that interfere with the start up and the profitability of businesses, and let American ingenuity reign. Oh, yeah, and if some union members try to strike and disrupt America? Fire every one of them. That was the Reagan way. And we got out of that recession just fine, thank you.  And America went on a twenty year tear as the greatest country in the world. Until now.  Now we have an inexperienced community organizer trying to jam radicalism down our throats that is even too socialistic for the Chicoms, the Russians, and Europeans. Oh. My. God.

The Government Bailout Thugs Claim Another Victim

avatar_11The founder of a blog was forced to resign after accepting bailout money from the Feds.  If they can do this to such a successful blogger, they do it  to anybody.

UNANIMOUS O’Bitch Slapp!

The incessant march towards liberal fascism has been temporarilyobama_poster_hitler-copy thwarted by the U.S. Senate. WHAT THE FUCK was Precious thinking? He has to steal upon us during the night to slit our throats. This was an all-out  attempt to batter down the walls of our castles in broad daylight. Even his countless allies in the Senate had to hide who they really are and put on a facade and bitch slap this crass attempt to make all charities dependant upon the U.S. Government for their existence. Der Fuehrer’s minions must now go back to the drawing board to try to sneak this in some other way.  All I can say is HALLELUJAH!

“April 2 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. Senate rejected a proposal by President Barack Obama to finance an overhaul of the nation’s health-care system by limiting the ability of the well-to-do to take tax deductions for charitable contributions.”

“The chamber unanimously approved an amendment to a pending budget plan that rejects the proposal to limit the size of itemized deductions that can be taken by those earning more than $250,000.”

“Obama proposed using the estimated $318 billion such a change would generate to help finance a health-care overhaul, which he says will cost at least $630 billion. Lawmakers said they feared the effect of such a tax change on charities.”