Howard Fineman earns his coveted pair of Presidential Kneepads

Not with a book. Not with months and months of hard work.  Not due to all his constant fawning over President Obama. No, not Howard! He earns it in just a few sentences!


Without further adieu, I present Howard’s knee-pad earning words…”There was laughter all around, but nobody missed the point: The president was at the helm, firmly in control.”

“I’d add just one thing. Every superhero has a weakness, and it is generally related to his or her great strength. In Obama’s case, it’s his confidence in his own abilities as a leader.”

“It is a great thing, and it has helped the country enormously so far, but he needs to be careful.”   

Slurp it all down, Howard. And I have just one more thing to add: 1237977895628PUUUUUUUUUKE!

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