Hey DUMBASS at Blue Virginia

You forgot the most important group of “climate change deniers”: Those who have real minds, who think for themselves, and who are convinced that dickheads such as you and alGore are full of shit.  I refuse to even link to the juvenile article of which I am speaking at Blew Virginia, but the gist is that there are four groups of “climate change deniers”: 1) those paid by fossil fuel companies; 2) a small minority of scientists who have reviewed the data but aren’t convinced of any harm; 3) conservatives who refuse to accept reality because they hate the solution–more government regulation; and 4) democrats from coal producing areas.

deliveranceIn other words, in typical asshole alGore fashion, don’t bother to discuss the facts, just impugn the motives of those with opposing viewpoints. Sorry, asshole, that only works in, say, junior high school, or with those too stupid or lazy to actually look into the facts.  I sincerely feel sorry for you, you moron.  The only question in my mind is whether you were dropped on your head early in life, or whether you are just so fucking inbred that you are incapable of reason.

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