Ruh Roh! Pro abortion pigs infuriated at Little Timmy

Va. Gov. Timmy Kaine’s capital offense? His failure  to stifle free il_choose_life_imagespeech! Of all the nerve, actually allowing people to pay extra for a license plate that says “Choose Life” on it.  Save the Bay? Great. Breast Cancer awareness? Super. Just about any damn thing you want? OK by the abortion Nazis–except “Choose Life.”  Abortion Nazis to Timmy: “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THIS IS, choose20life20florida20plates-718837GOVERNOR KAINE? A FREE FUCKING COUNTRY??? HELL NO, YOU MORON!!! We can’t allow the peons to freely express themselves, you idiot!  The Democrat party bows down to us Abortion Nazis! You are a Democrat! SUBMIT, BITCH!!”

Update: Great minds think  



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