LIBERALSLIEANDARENASTY–at last, an explanation WHY

simpsons-the-doh-49005791I’ve known (and you’ve known, if you haven’t had your head up your  ass) for years that liberalslieandarenasty (registered Trade Mark of mine), I just didn’t know why, exactly.  FINALLY,  John Hawkins explains why to my satisfaction *.  For you too lazy to clink on the link, in essence they lie about conservatives for two reasons: America is a center right country and they have to lie about their liberal beliefs to get elected. And, whereas conservatives believe that liberals are just wrong, liberals believe conservatives are evil, and so lying about people who are evil is to prevent them from doing evil is a good thing in their eyes. It makes perfect sense to me.  DOH! Why didn’t I think of that?

* However, I don’t discount the fact that many liberals are just plain evil and that is why they lie and are nasty.  [OK, for my buddy Lowell and my cousins the Weigharts, and my dearly departed Grandma, etc. I KNOW, I know, some of you liberals are good hearted, just naive.]

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