World leader, who is a firm believer in apartheid, to give commencement address at Howard University

And the college is planning to award him an honorary degreeAny ospaal_anti-apartheid-poster1977of you have a problem with the students and alumni protesting and attempting to have the invitation rescinded? Or should the graduates sit and listen, since, as a world leader this particular person has much information that is worth sharing.  

Here is an excerpt of an article about students at Howard who believe this speaker should be welcomed to give the speech:

“Even though there are students who disagree with [the speaker’s] views and policies, Howard said many of the reactions he has seen rise above political beliefs. ‘Everyone I’ve talked to, regardless of party, is pretty excited,’ he said.”

“Senior Brittany Love said she believes the University was not considering politics when making the decision, but rather, looking for a charismatic commencement speaker.  ‘He’s a great speaker,’ she said. ‘And if you look at him overall, he has a great image.’ [By John Doe: YEAH, if you ignore his abhorrent views on apartheid] Love said she is excited about the Commencement address because she is taking part in the University’s graduation ceremony and the African American Recognition Ceremony, which takes place earlier in the day.”

And a spokesperson for President Obama had this to say about the speaker appearing there: “The spirit of debate and healthy disagreement on important issues is part of what he [President Obama] loves about this country.”

If you do not have a problem with this particular speaker–who holds a point of view that is abhorrent to many of the students, alumni and faculty of Howard University–would it make a difference if the speaker was the President of the United States?  Or if instead the speaker was, say Barack Obama, and he was scheduled to speak at the University of Notre Dame?  If you haven’t already figured it out, the Howard U commencement speaker who believes in apartheid does not exist. I made that up to make a point. And the quotes supporting the speaker were made in support of Obama at N.D.  There is no speaker who holds a favorable view of apartheid who would ever be invited to Howard University, unless, say, hell froze over first. 

But here is one writer  typical of many who claims that Notre Dame should welcome Mr. Obama.  I’m taking a wild guess that the writer would not wish the same in the Howard University example.  This article was written to make a point: Can you at least see how Catholics are upset at the invitation? I’m not Catholic– though I did use to date one in high school ;)–but I can easily see why so many are upset. It is not as though this is a disagreement about, say taxes, or whether certain roads should be built.  If you would have a problem if an advocate of apartheid were to speak at Howard but you have no problem with Obama speaking at Notre Dame, to me that position is logically indefensible.  I’m just saying, try to swallow your ideology and strive for some consistency.  But I’m willing to listen to attempted justifications why apartheid and abortion are not equal in terms of contempt by those who oppose such views.

3 responses to “World leader, who is a firm believer in apartheid, to give commencement address at Howard University

  1. Cracks me up, I wrote this TWO weeks ago, and it just now starts getting noticed. You never know what will catch the readers’ attention…

  2. this is not cool

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