To all the little whiney voices complaining that Virginia banned embryonic cell research

First, Virginia hasn’t “banned” it.  Virginia just refuses to fund it.  But second, tell me what embryonic cell research has ever cured.  If this is such a “life and death” issue, why hasn’t private enterprise flocked to the research and poured money into it?  Better yet, if this research shows such promise to cure Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease and cancer, why haven’t each of you donated your own money to support the research? If this is such a “stunning error“, why did it pass with such an overwhelming vote?

Liberals make every issue an article of faith with their religion of liberalism.   They are on the wrong side of every issue, and then they make it seem as though any opposition is backwards, anti-science and just plain mean.  “Add stem cells to climate, gay marriage & death penalty on list of issues on which Virginia needs to move into 21st century.” Admit it, you dumbasses, this issue is an article of faith, it shows how true to your religion of liberalism a person is. This is a watershed issue for ya’ll: “you are either with us or agin us, and anybody who opposes [fill in the blank, faggots marrying, alGore’s voodoo science, you name it] us on this issue is agin us.”

Hey, we know liberals have no scruples, no morals, so we don’t expect you to have any principled reason to oppose research on humans, or on anything else.  But I suspect this is a little liberal act to try to gain more votes.  They prey on the naive and the uninformed: “Oh, if only those meany Republicans hadn’t “banned” embryonic stem cell research, little Johnny would be cured of cancer and Uncle Wilbur wouldn’t be such a drooling idiot anymore!”  Just tell the truth, bitches. NOTHING has been “cured” by embryonic research yet.

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