Here’s to you moderates and RINOs out there


A new Quinnipiac poll shows former Rep. Pat Toomey (R) crushing Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) in a Republican primary, 41% to 27% with 28% still undecided.”

“Overall Pennsylvania voters have a 45% to 31% favorable opinion of Sen. Specter, but he gets a 47% to 29% unfavorable score from Republicans.”

Voters approve 52 – 33 percent of the job Specter is doing, with a 71 – 16 percent positive score from Democrats and a 41 – 37 percent boost from independent voters, off-setting a 52 – 36 percent disapproval from Republicans. This is Specter’s highest approval among Democrats and lowest approval among Republicans since Quinnipiac University began polling Pennsylvania in 2002.”

Please, God, let the primary be held tomorrow. Not possible? Then please let the voters remember what this bastard did.

3 responses to “Here’s to you moderates and RINOs out there

  1. John, you MUST read this a truly classical example of humor!

  2. Humor? I thought that was Lowell Fulk who wrote that piece. Or any of the millions of other O-O-O-Obamagasm-ers out there.

  3. Yeah, Humor, the guy that wrote that is actually doing it to increase traffic to his site. Once the “O”rgasmic Group finds it, they are sure to masturbate themselves into a tizzy!

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