Eric Cantor, you worthless POS

dumbass1You sir, are an idiot for voting to tax the AIG bonuses. You just lost my vote.  Forever. You don’t deserve the position of trust that has been entrusted to you.  You remind me of a juvenile John Warner, complete with pajamas, braces and a “How to Screw Conservative Principles” coloring book .  You gutless, pandering, amoral anal cyst of a human being. You were sent to Washington to represent principles, to follow the Constitution, not to be popular, not to be Democrap-lite, not to give the Democrats cover when they trample on our rights.  Beyond all that, you just bailed out the idiotic Democrats who caused this mess. They rushed the legislation through which allowed the bonues without even giving legislators a chance to read the damn bill. 

Sure, I can’t express my disdain with the same eloquence as at United Conservatives, but I agree with everthing that ConcreteBob wrote there. And I will do everything in my power to see you run out of office.

Steve Chapman writes re the bill: “So the bill aims at sanctioning supposedly bad people by confiscating their earnings. As such, it sounds an awful lot like something the Constitution expressly forbids — a bill of attainder, which is a punishment of particular individuals imposed not by a court of law but by a legislative body.

“Many if not most legal scholars believe this furious retribution can be structured to pass judicial review. But not Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor. “I am not so confident that it would pass constitutional muster,” he told me. “While courts give Congress great discretion in the tax area, this would require a case of willful blindness.”

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