Ever wonder why liberals are the way they are?

Or why so many Hollywood stars and college professors are liberal? Wonderful interview of a former liberal spills the beans.

Couple of teaser quotes: [On the basic difference between conservatives and liberals] [A conservative] believes that good and evil, right and wrong, better and worse do exist and it becomes his job to do his best to seek out the good of fighting evil, to promote the better end and squelch the worse. [Liberals don’t–they believe humans don’t have the objectivity to recognize the difference]. So to eliminate the possibility that our beliefs are bigotries, to eliminate the evil of bigotry, the liberal eliminates all critical rational judgement

[Why are college kids and professors so liberal?] In order to hold onto the belief that nothing is better than anything else, you have to remove yourself or have been removed from the consequences of your beliefs. Because once you went to the real world, you recognize some things are right, some things are wrong.

…One of the lines I like to use is that stupidity is a luxury. And when you’re young and you’re on the college campuses and you don’t have a job, you’re not paying taxes. You’re not starting a business. You don’t have to worry about environmental policies that are ridiculous.

[And professors can never be fired, and don’t have a real job, so they can afford to hang onto stupid ideas that won’t work in the real world.]

Very short interview. Very good!

One response to “Ever wonder why liberals are the way they are?

  1. Stupidity is a luxury= ignorance is bliss. This is what happened this year. Obama shows up on campus and the bugs are attracted to the light. They then are fried because no one TOLD those bugs that if you got too close, you would die. Not until these bugs get out into the real world do they realize what they did was wrong. They were fooled. Emmy was fooled and now has paid the price. I honestly wonder if she is still SO happy about voting in a Socialist….

    I doubt it but she would never admit it, nor would any of the others.

    I was not a huge supporter of Bush, but he did keep the enemies at bay. I do miss each of those 4578 + 448 coalition soldiers that have died though. But will a Liberal ever admit to the hundred of thousands of lives saved in the wars? Probably not, it goes against their stupidity.

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