Vivian Page and Blue Virginia come out strongly against racist emails!!!

This is true leadership, Folks! Blue Virginia and Vivien Paige courageously came out in opposition to alleged racist e-mails circulating in Virginia! Within hours, pundits from across the globe were glowing with admiration. E-mails were pouring in support of them!

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s son exclaimed: “What courage! They make me think of my dearly departed father! To stand up against the institutional racism inherent in the Virginia Republican party! That took guts, real courage, even more so than it took my father to stand up against the Soviet Union! They took on the system, all of the people, and they did so fearlessly!”courage1

Nelson Mandela was tracked down in a hut deep in South Africa, and had this to say: “America? What dat? Who you? Where my gruel?” His handlers assured us that he was having a bad day and that normally he would have lauded Ms. Paige and Blue Virginia for their raw political courage in taking on racist emails in Virginia!

Mohatma Ghandi’s distant relatives were unable to be reached for comment.

The Virginia KKK, headed by former Senator Robert Byrd er, undoubtedly headed by some dunderhead racist pig promised to increase their pressure on the Patriots at Blue Virginia and on Ms. Paige.

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