Hey liberals: Wanna gain some credibility?

Let’s hear you admit that Obama made an abominable mistake even considering making vets’ insurance pay for their medical care.  If GWB even was caught dead considering such a proposal every liberal in the universe would have erupted in unison to condemn him. Instead, all we hear coming from libs is the sound a completely deaf person hears when a feather floats to the floor.

7 responses to “Hey liberals: Wanna gain some credibility?

  1. I think I might wait to see what gets worked out before deciding. Looks like there are several avenues being discussed and considered. That’s one thing about saying “Everything’s on the Table”, it means just that.

    Now, if the Obama team had gone ahead and hammered this through, then yes I would be right there with you condemning the action.

    But you must admit it’s hard to ask someone what they think, without asking them what they think.

    Here’s some information I found:

    “Still, veterans’ advocates said they were open to discussing alternatives, which is likely to be the topic Thursday. One option could be to have some veterans use their private insurance for treatment of service-related injuries, but without requiring co-payments.

    Another option could be allowing the Department of Veterans Affairs to bill Medicare for an eligible veteran’s coverage. Currently, if a veteran eligible for both Medicare and the VA and uses the VA, the agency is not allowed to bill Medicare.

    “This, we believe, would more easily meet the president’s financial goal,” David Rehbein, the commander of the American Legion, said in a statement”

    This also bears keeping in mind John:

    “Apart from the tempest over private insurance, several veterans’ advocates said that Obama has been a supporter of their concerns. His proposed budget for 2010 of nearly $113 billion for Veterans Affairs was more than $1 billion more than the plan they had been pushing.”

  2. Lowell, that comes about as close to being a knee-jerk Obama supporter as possible while still leaving the slight possibility that you really are a reasonable guy. “Everything is on the table”? How about cutting social security benefits across the board? Ooops. Wouldn’t do for the Messiah to risk touching “The Third Rail.” How about messing with the troops’ benefits, Boss? “Yeah, those bastards didn’t vote for me any way! It’s not like they will suddenly support me if I don’t cut their benefits. A little “Chicago pay back” is in order here, definitely! If too many bitch we’ll just claim that ‘everything is on the table’ and dumbasses will believe it!”

    And do tell, WHAT exactly is the benefit of charging medicare instead of the VA? Do the taxpayers pay for VA benefits and not medicare benefits?

    And an extra billion from Obama is like a slap in the face. If he really likes you, he gives you tens of billions–just ask ACORN.

  3. Lowell, I’m REALLY hoping you can splain things. I’m in my Francois put up with crap reasonable mode. Or are you avoiding me cuz I’m right?

  4. Not avoiding you John, just up to armpits busy. Was out of the office rustling up business and doing job checks all afternoon. I’ll be back later this evening.
    The proposals I pasted were from the Veteran’s groups by the way. I’ll see what I can find about the VA as compared to Medicaid billing route. Quite often efficiency can be gained by streamlining the process. Constant effort toward improvement…

    See ya after while.

  5. Looks like he’s taken the proposal off the table.

    From the article I found that was about 30 minutes old:

    “The President has consistently stated that he is committed to working with veterans on the details of the 2010 VA budget proposal,” the White House said. “In considering the third party billing issue, the administration was seeking to maximize the resources available for veterans; however, the President listened to concerns raised by the VSOs that this might, under certain circumstances, affect veterans and their families’ ability to access health care. Therefore, the President has instructed that its consideration be dropped.”

  6. You still miss my point, Brother Lowell. You Democrats should have criticized him. I criticized GW often (when he was wrong). I had no doubt that he would eventually drop this idiotic idea. The issue is WHY he brought it up in the first place, and what idiot allowed him to keep it on the table as long as he did. The incident shows some serious problems with the thought process of The Messiah.

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