AIG bonuses–yawn

I’m not “outraged” at the bonuses, I’m amused that politicians are pandering by pretending to be outraged. The politicians got us in this mess by not putting strings on the TARP money. AIG was considered “too big to fail” so the Feds threw money at it. It was a “crisis.” I’m sensing some buyers’ remorse now.

And remember how they accused talk radio, such as Rush Limbaugh, of fomenting terrorism. AIG needed armed guards to protect themselves after Obama and the other panderers expressed their “outrage.”

Finally, imagine if you were the lucky guy who made a million dollar bonus, or so you thought. You just got your job last year, then AIG told you it was going to go under unless the Government bailed it out. You immediately thought that you would bolt to some other company that would pay you and would not be going under absent financial help. But then AIG promised you, they put it in writing in the form of a contract, STAY, and we will pay you huge bonuses! You doubted it would be worth the paper it was written on, but then you saw that the Government itself agreed that you could get your bonus if you stayed and busted  your ass. So you stayed. And you busted ass. You worked long hours, and weekends, and holidays. You earned that bonus.

And now Obama and every other politician, Republican and Democrat, wants to take it away from you. Heck, in fact they are inciting the entire population to riot against you.

I know what I would do. I’d take those bonuses and get the hell out of America and never return.

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