I’m with you Patricia Phillips–“Put up or stand down”

Republicans, QUIT EATING YOUR OWN YOU black_widow_01IGNORANT FXCKS. If you want to remove Jeff Frederick as Chairman of the RPV, do it behind closed doors. Liberals are doing a good enough job of attacking us without Republicans helping them out.

Be patient, O Ignorant Republicans: Obama is going to keep screwing up–he is screwing up at record levels already–just give him time. Democrats are “not wasting a good crisis” by over-reaching with radical positions that will not be tolerated by a majority for long.  And specifically in Virginia, the Dems are about to  have their first contested gubernatorial primary since the ice-age. The RPV just needs to quit in-fighting and sit back and watch as the Dems begin tearing themselves up over a carpet-bagging loud mouthed little prick. (h/t Tim Boyer)

One response to “I’m with you Patricia Phillips–“Put up or stand down”

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