Yes! YES! By all means, DON’T HAVE CHILDREN!

All you stupid people out there, follow the advice of Francois bumper-sticker-caution-godless-liberal_thTrembley and join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. Extreme idiocy taken to the extreme The epitomy of selfless love of life in general (except for humans, who are icky, evidently).  [My reasoning is a bit different. If you are that God damned stupid to believe that horseshit then we don’t need your genes polluting the gene pool.]

I swear, some people need a good swift slap on the face, and then a good class in logic. I’m no atheist, and I don’t believe in evolution. Anymore. But when I was I was at least logically consistent about it. We are animals? Good, then I can do any damn thing I want, screw anybody I want, ingest anything I want, and disregard the consequences. An animal? Good, then it doesn’t matter whether I pollute or kill or steal or have 300 babies! I’m just gonna die and return to dust.  Who the fuck cares about what happens to “life” on earth, or the human race, or you or my family?  Let us eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

But those dumb shits at VHEMT think it is better to not have kids, and for all humans to eventually become extinct, for the good of “life” in general. “Choosing to refrain from producing another person demonstrates a profound love for all life.” Umm, one question. Who the fuck cares about “all life” when they are dead if they no longer exist? That’s like the soil in my garden giving a shit about whether I am able to make my next mortgage payment. Slap. Slap! SLAP! Wake the hell up you morons. WHY? Why would I care about “all life” if I’m dead. Why should I care? Life can go to hell for all I care. If I am a godless heathen who believes we are all evolved from the same one celled organism eons ago. I posit that the only logical conclusion is to do any damn thing you are able to do and can get away with that floats your boat. Care about “all life” when I’m gone? About as much as I’ll care about my rattiest pair of boxers. If I were a Godless heathen. Ya’ll better hope I never resort to being a Godless heathen. I would be your worst nightmare…

11 responses to “Yes! YES! By all means, DON’T HAVE CHILDREN!

  1. Yea, I don’t support that “it’s a benefit for all life” argument either. I agree with you that it’s silly. My reasons for supporting human extinction are moral, political, social and psychological. Environmentalism doesn’t rate with me.

  2. Please explain your “moral, social and psychological” reasons. Since we agree with each other that the environmentalism argument is silly, perhaps we will agree on other reasons…

  3. And stop pretending you might agree with me on something. We both know that’s not gonna happen. You guys are too smart to believe the bull shit I’m peddling. Other dipshits believe it, but they are not too bright. Hell, NOBODY who goes to my blog has a lick of sense in them. THAT’S why I come here–to talk to adults.

  4. Francois,

    You support human extinction?

  5. Francois, I’m not so petty that I will disagree with whatever position you espouse. For instance, we both agree that 2 + 2 = 4 (I hope). Sometimes even liberal anarchists accidentally come to correct conclusions on some issues. Heck, Lowell has been known to be on the correct side of certain issues (or so I’ve heard, I can’t actually recall any particular instances). 😉

  6. I stand corrected!

  7. Don’t call me a liberal. ;P

  8. Hey, wait a second, didn’t YOU call yourself a liberal-anarchist? I was just trying to use the term that you used.

  9. No… I said libertarian.

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