Bubby of RockDem likes little boys

99080530v2_350x350_frontI READ it on the internet! It must be true. “Bubby Likes To Bugger Little Boys.”  It will soon be other places (because I’m gonna make sure of it). Once it is spread all over the internet, nobody but other pedophiles will care to associate with Bubby.  Hide your little sons–don’t worry once they reach puberty, he loses interest after that. Heck, EVERY LIBERAL WHO COMMENTS ON ROCKDEM IS A PEDOPHILE.

I have no idea whether this is true. From reading his comments and blog posts, I’d say it sure is within the realm of possibility. But my point is to show how easy it is to just re-print what was posted elsewhere on the internet without checking whether it is true or false and if enough people do it, you can destroy a person’s reputation. That is what the Democraps are doing right now to Rush Limbaugh. I figure what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Right, Bubby, you pedophile you?

p.s. and for you idiots who associate with the piece of human excrement also known as Bubby, let this be a lesson to you, too. You presumably know him, and have determined that he is not a pedophile–despite all evidence to the contrary– and presumably you stand by him and don’t believe what is written on the internet. Well, that is precisely why I don’t believe what you scum bags write about Rush. I listen to him. I know he isn’t a racist. People like you lie about him, take what he says out of context, and attack him. All you scum bags like Bubby out there wouldn’t know a racist if he bit you on your AIDS infested asses.

2 responses to “Bubby of RockDem likes little boys

  1. This is not very well put together. It is pretty shrill and a bit incoherent. I mean, it doesn’t really convey any information. I’m pretty sure “scumbag” is one word, but either way, it is a poor choice of language for a piece that should be informative. I don’t think many people would take this at all seriously. I know this is opinion, you’re venting, but still. Repeating “scum bag” a couple of times is more or less equivalent to foaming at the mouth. And, of course, anyone who responds will probably show a similar lack of logic and restraint. Thus, a difference of opinion becomes nothing more than an insult contest in which the actual issue is ignored. The question of whether or not Limbaugh said this thing is not addressed by the fact that I’m a scum bag, you’re an asshole, I’m a moron, etc. All of these things are probably true, but they don’t resolve the original conflict. Both parties descend to kindergarten-level debate tactics.

  2. Thanks for the response. The post was not so much to prove or disprove whether Limbaugh did or did not say a particular thing–I addressed that issue in a later post. The point was how easily it is to sully another’s reputation by just repeating lies that were printed elsewhere on the internet. Endlessly repeating the same lie does not make the lie true. My point was not to “convey my opinion,” it was to show Bubby the little scumbag [thanks for the spell check, buddy] how easily shit can be made up on the internet.

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