Today’s liberal talking points: Act concerned that the Pubs are listening to Rush Limbaugh

AS IF they care what happens to the Pubs. If they really thought the Pubs were in danger of walking off the cliff by following Rush’s advice they would just STFU and let the Pubs keep marching. They fear Rush. He fights. He doesn’t back down and kowtow to the self-appointed arbiters of what is right and what is correct. He is the most well-known Republican to stand up and fight Obama. The politicians are running around as though they are afraid of Obama.  Acting like the little followers that they are. Destroy the leader, the followers will scatter. That’s their plan. Stand up O Gutless Republican Politicians.

5 responses to “Today’s liberal talking points: Act concerned that the Pubs are listening to Rush Limbaugh

  1. The only difference between Rush and network news anchors is Rush is honest enough to say up front what his political leanings are. Network news anchors are militantly political but have the audacity to pretend they are independent. Which is worse? The left has multiple Limbaughs, the difference is they are portrayed as independent scholarly truth seekers instead political hacks. I’m going to puke now…

  2. So true, James. The only minor disagreement I have with what you wrote was I would say the left does not have anybody as big as Limbaugh. Closest I can think of is maybe Colbert Report? I have no idea of the size of the respective audience but I would guess it is maybe 20-1 larger for Limbaugh. [Now that I’ve guessed I’m gonna go see if I can find out for sure…]

  3. Ooops. Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” was larger than Colbert Report, 1.6 mil vs 1.1 mil viewers, at least as of 10/07. SNL had it’s highest audience share ever when Sarah Palin was on, 17 million viewers. Usually much much lower. Rush’s show averages 17-20 million listeners, apparently (couldn’t find most up to date definite number).

  4. I watch JS and the CR regularly and find them entertaining. I never once thought they were “real” enough to give them any credence. I don’t rely on tv to give me a stance…I could care less what Hollyboooohooo says about anything in my life. hey are so far out o touch, they should move to France. But you know the Left likes to paint the likes of me and you John.

    When can we get together for this fishing thing…we all need a cold one, and I don’t mean another cold day…hopefully they are over soon…bring back my Climate Change…another Change I don’t believe in!

  5. Only ice fishin for now–my boat is covered in 8″ of snow and it was 15 degrees here last night. Lake Anna is warmed by the nuke plant water, but not THAT warm.

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