Only dumbasses believe the Republican party needs to “move more to the middle on issues like the environment and gay rights”

The Republican party position on “gay rights” is the correct one.  No gay marriage. Period. Every place where the Gay Marriage issue has been voted on–even in ultra-liberal California–the majority have rejected “gay marriage.” So why should the Republican Party “move to the middle?”

And on the issue of “the environment” the Republican Party is also correct. Fight against the Kool Aid drinkers who believe that we need to spend trillions of dollars to destroy our economy just to cut down on “man made climate change” that does not even exist. If the Republicans won’t fight against those Kool Aid drinkers, then they don’t deserve to be the party in the majority.

“There is no question the Republican Party has to return to be one of inclusion, not exclusion,” Cantor said when I asked him if he was willing to move the party to the middle on issues like the environment and gay rights.” [Per Little Stephanopulis’ blog.]  Listen Cantor, you dumbass. Quit sucking up trying to be a  little weasil. We elected you to fight, not to become just like the Democrats. Stand up to Stephanopolis, be a man, fight back. It is a false premise that Pubs need to be more “middle of the road.” You don’t see liberals whiiiiiining that the Dems need to be more “middle of the road.”   

18 responses to “Only dumbasses believe the Republican party needs to “move more to the middle on issues like the environment and gay rights”

  1. The problem lies within hose 2 groups…they don’t give a DAMN what the MAJORITY says. They DEMAND action be taken FOR them…MAJORITY be damned…

  2. Who are you to decide what is right and what is not? Do you even understand the issues at hand when you talk about Gay Marriage? It is not about marriage it is about equal rights, you should really work on coming up with a valid argument to back up your stance. You just say that the Republican party is the right position and you say rude things…I imagine you shouting and stomping around much like a caveman.

    It does not matter what you call it, the term “marriage” is not necessary, call it a civil union if it makes you feel better. The base issue here is rights, which whether you think so or not are far from equal. Homosexuals would like the rights to have and support a family with all the same benefits that a heterosexual couple would have. Yes, homosexuals could just live together and have families and give up the fight. But do you really know what we are fighting for? Health care to take care of our families, adoption rights to children, the ability to care and make decisions if ones significant other is incapable or take care of the children if ones significant other passes away. Imagine your spouse dying and your children being taken away because you could not properly receive custody of them. What most do not understand is that it is the little issues that add up, at this point homosexuals are treated as women where prior to suffrage, like second class citizens.

  3. Don’t give me this crap about “rights”; what about the “rights” to polygamous marriage, and beastiality, and necropheliacs. I imagine you stamping your foot and saying “That’s different.” And I say no, it isn’t. You draw your lines where you want to and I’ll draw mine where I want to. You keep carpet munching, and I’ll keep condemning you.

  4. Oooh, feisty aren’t we… Your comment about “carpet munching” my my, how crude. I really suggest you try it sometime though.

    As for me stamping my feet, I highly doubt it. I have dealt with enough people just like you, condemning homosexuals that I fear your dart has missed its mark. You see its small minded, generalizing individuals like you who really tend to restrain growth in America. I’m sure you also believe that a woman’s place is in the home and men are superior as well.

  5. You come to my blog, insult me, and expect me not to retaliate? I don’t think so.

    Tell me, do you “condemn” necropheliacs? Or those who have sex with animals, or who have dozens of wives? If not, your depravity is showing. If so, you are just as “small minded” as I am, at least when it comes to those whose “life style” you disagree.

    All you are really saying by calling me “small minded” is that I disagree with you. Guess what, a majority agree with me. I’d say that makes you the small minded one.

  6. See, now that is where your small mindedness comes into play. You are lumping together necrophiliacs, bestiality and polygamy with homosexuality. Because gay sex is totally the same as having sex with an animal…funny, I never noticed the correlation. Let me guess, you are also the sort of person who agrees with sex between two women but not between two men. As for the term “lifestyles” its sexual orientation. You might want to do your homework on topics before you write about them.
    And about your blog… you are getting so upset about being “insulted” however you are one doing the insulting by calling me names, insinuating that I am depraved and dismissing my rights. Thus far I can’t see where I was unduly rude to you.

  7. You compared me to a caveman.

    You didn’t answer the questions: DO YOU “condemn” necropheliacs? Or those who have sex with animals, or who have dozens of wives? Right now my point is not that they are the same as homosexual sex, my point is that you DO condemn them. Once you come to that point, the only difference between your position and mine is one of degree. You draw the line at homosexual behavior, I draw the line at hetersexual behavior. And all those nasty things that you say about me apply to you as well. “Narrow minded.” “Bigot.” “Necrophobic” blah blah blah.

    Sorry, sis, there is plenty of evidence that people CHOOSE their orientation. People leave that abhorrent lifestyle every day. Just as people choose to stop having sex with animals or dead people, or raping people.

    You have the same rights as anyone else. The right to marry a person of the opposite sex. The fact is you want extra rights that nobody has.

    I’m not coming into your bedroom and telling you what to do or with whom to do it, but I am saying that you can’t re-define marriage. It has been defined in our society the same for hundreds of years. Get used to it.

  8. Oh boohoo I said I imagined you stomping around like a caveman. That is hardly calling you a name. As I recall I never called you a bigot nor a necrophobic. And as to whether or not I condemn necrophiliacs or polygamists is beside the point. You are comparing apples to carrots. They are simply not the same.
    Also, you did not answer my questions. Do you believe that a womens place is in the home and men are superior or that female gay sex is alright and male gay sex is not?
    As for choosing ones orientation, I cannot expect you to understand but really why would I or any other homosexual CHOOSE to be ostracized and have un-equal rights? If it was a choice, this very likely would not be a problem.
    Also I will re-state that you don’t need to call it marriage. There is no reason for redefining the term. Call it a civil union. As stated in my blog, my 63 year old baby boomer, die hard republican mother, agrees with that. She will tell you straight to your face that homosexuals deserve equal rights but is not in agreement with re-defining the term. Which is quite alright, I have no desire to redefine marriage I will leave that to the heterosexuals.

  9. Here is how someone answers questions: to yours, no, no and no. Sorry to disappoint your ASSumptions.

    Further, you are lying or delusional when you state that you and other homosexuals are ostracized and have unequal rights. Oh, sure, you are “ostracized” by some, but certainly not a majority. Homos have the same rights as everybody else–hate to break it to you. Further, by your “logic” rapists and necropheliacs have no choice in whether to indulge their predilitions. Their actions are universally reviled yet they still do them. Guess we should just accept their actions, for surely nobody would “choose” to rape somebody and risk social disapprobation and punishment. Admit it: You do it because you enjoy it. Don’t whine and cry and say that you do it because you “can’t help it.”

    Faggots ALREADY have civil union in California (and a few other states), but that isn’t enough for them. Obviously you didn’t get the memo.

    Good, you, me and your 63 year old mother agree. No homosexual marriages.

  10. I can hear my regular readers thinking now: John, STFU, ask her for pictures…details… numbers.

  11. Ostracized by some? We have equal rights? Gay people are beaten and killed every day and people think that is alright. Gay people are denied leases, homes and jobs due to their sexual orientation. (hence there are laws being passed against discrimination.) Homosexual couples don’t have the same legal rights when it comes to adoption as heterosexual couples. More often than not in the even of a partners death the other would have no say in funeral matters or the welfare of their children. Except for certain places gay families do not have the ability of sharing health care, a right that heterosexual couples/families take for granted.
    As for you made up/twisted version of my logic. I merely said that you cannot compare apples to carrots. You are comparing homosexuals to people that rape. I don’t see where there is a relation. And you, by twisting my words (as i said nothing to that effect) sound even more twisted by the moment. And apparently you did not get the memo but we are talking about equal rights here, that means everywhere. Not in just some states. How is that equal?

  12. Whiiiiine. You have the same rights to become a freakin normal person and adopt as anybody else. Nobody has to know you are “gay” if you don’t run around telling them that. Hetero couples who don’t get married can’t share their insurance policies. You know WHY homo couples are denied leases and jobs? Because what you do is abhorrent to most normal people. Accept it. It’s no different than people who enjoy eating puppies. Sure, you can do it, but expect to be despised by most decent people.

    Why should you have more rights than someone who is twisted and enjoys sex with corpses or animals? Only becuz you say it is apples to oranges. I say it is like comparing navel oranges and tangerines. You have either lost the ability to distinguish what is immoral, or you are lying to yourself.

    You say “try it sometime, you might like it.” I say adultery and rape might be “enjoyable” too, but I don’t do it, because it is immoral.

  13. Oh good grief, Why do you have the right to say what is normal and decent and what is not? As to why I have tried to have a conversation with a bigot and master twister of words is beyond me. You might want to try reading my comments all the way through before you parry back. And for gods sake use bloody spell check.

  14. I have as much right to say what is decent and normal as you do. You do the same thing–hopefully–with necropheliacs and those who have sex with animals. Although I’ve noticed that you have avoided answering my questions. Are you a little squeamish even passing judgment on necropheliacs? Don’t judge them lest others judge homos, is that how your thinking goes?

    Your problem is that I disagree with you. So you try to silence me by shaming me, calling me a bigot and a twister of words.

    Carpet muncher who criticize spelling should first check own moronic post for misspelling: god’s, not gods. Why in middle of sentence not capitalized.

    Nobody asked you to comment here, and nobody is making you keep commenting. If the truth gets a little too hard for you to handle, just slink back to your gay bars where everybody else is immoral and thinks you and necropheliacs are just swell people.

  15. Dear Elisabeth (SP) you and your type are nothing but Disease spreading Liberal crybabies. I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT….Know what I WANT, for you and everyone else, who CLAIM to be homosuckuals, to obey the LAW OF THE LAND. Quit your fucking bitching and quit trying to pass your immoral beliefs on me and the vast majority of this CHRISTIAN NATION.

    For CHRIST’S SAKE, you are starting to sound like our Coward in Chief…..idiot !

    OH, you and your type owe me a new laptop…after reading your blog, I threw up from all the straight bashing that goes on over there…..sick !

  16. The funny thing is how people with her mindset try to make normal people seem odd. Tolerate everything, in their opinion, except morality.

  17. NO SHIT…they refuse to acknowledge the fact the MAJORITY are “normal” but you got it right…force force cry bitch force protest…..MOVE TO FRANCE IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE.

  18. Frank, where you been lately? Just busy?

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