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Because everybody needs to see a picture of Lowell Fulk occasionally

1234544663244And a couple of Sarah Palin too.

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Smashmouth Real Man of Political Courage Award

24850d314fc3444f8f16b0a425fd5686Goes to Utah State Sen. Chris Buttars for not kowtowing to the faggots or to their politically correct enablers. He was booted off as Chairman of a Judicial Committee for voicing his opinion that Gay Activists are “probably the greatest threat to America going down.” [I hope he wasn’t using a double entendre there!]  Continue reading

Presbyterian Church votes no on non-celibate queer ordained pastors and elders

The vote was 192-125? I’m thinking if it is even that close, that is just ANOTHER reason not to be a Presbyterian. Continue reading

Do I HAVE to explain everything to dumbass at Blew Virginia?

dork-catThe “writer” there just can’t understand Bob McDonnell’s simple logic and common sense. 

“We’re all liberals at heart,” McDonnell says. “We just don’t want to pay for it.” Continue reading

Embarrassment for the Democrap Party!

Democrap Party leader admits to crack cocaine use. Continue reading

George Washington University chooses a woman as Mr. Gay Boy America

gay_boy_2A. P. News February 20, 2009: In what will undoubtedly be a shock to all the homosexuals in America, the student body of GWU voted almost unanimously to select Barbie Lou Harris as the “Mr. Gay Boy America” Pageant college representative.  Continue reading

Ariana Huffington photographed while involved in a three way with Soros and B.H. Obama

Dan Rather has the exclusive video to prove it. We held off making this post until almost 11:00 a.m.  Hopefully you have already had your breakfast–seeing Arianna with a strap on cell phone and stillettos isn’t pretty. It was a three way phone conference. What did you think I meant?


How deed jew like zee way my blog attacked zee Faux Snewz reeportair? John Geebson?



You are THE WOMAN Arianna! Now THAT’S “the Chicago waaay!”


[Obama turns sinister] Now, what can we do to Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter? As Rahm says, “I WANT THEM DEAD! DEAD!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?? DEEEEAAAAAAAAD!!!!


Calm down, boy. I bought you, I paid for you, I made you. I can break you. You do what I say, when I say it. And leave the thinking to me. [sheesh. Uppity negro!]

You might be a racist if…

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Pastor thrown in jail for standing on public sidewalk talking

baby-in-womb-sucking-thumbs600x600Oakland, CA ( — “A pro-life African-American pastor has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for sharing a pro-life message outside local abortion centers. Walter Hoye was previously found guilty of violating what pro-life attorneys call an unconstitutional city law designed specifically to target him.”

His lawyer stated the obvious: “It is absolutely incredible that in America an individual can be sentenced to jail for engaging in peaceful free speech activity on a public sidewalk.” 

[Apparently, workers of the clinic escort the next victim mark paying  customer into the clinic.] [At trial] “the escorts admitted that Hoye never used force against them, threatened them, or blocked them. They proudly testified that they routinely block Hoye [the pastro] to prevent women from seeing his sign.” [“Jesus loves you and your baby. Let us help.”]  Continue reading

Dumbass in Chief reading my blog?

I post a comment about how he is killing the bank stocks by talking about nationalizing all banks. “Is the Obama Administration TRYING to bankrupt all banks? Just a couple hours later the newby President wanna be in chief realizes  his mistake and “tries to end bank nationalization talk.”  Coincidence? Oh hell no! This blog is influential baby!  Dumbass in Chief either a) had no clue he was killing the bank stocks with his words; or b) he got his fingers caught in the cookie jar trying to nationalize the banks and now he is trying to cover it up. Given  how naive and inexperienced, I lean toward the former. Given what a socialist conniviing bastard he is, I can’t rule out the latter.  

p.s. Ok, dumbass liberals, I know he wasn’t reading my blog. Not sure he reads anything except his blackberry messages from George Soros.