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The Good Lord Obama giveth

3058265892_5f2e49f319_oUsually the big eared commie taketh away, but on those rare occasions when he does the right thing, I give him props.  He is ceasing the Fed raids on California pot dispensaries. It is none of the Fed’s business whether any state wants to decriminalize pot. This is a state’s rights issue that GWB was absolutely on the wrong side of, but it should surprise no one as he wasn’t really a principled conservative, more of a pick and choose conservative only when he happened to be. I don’t smoke pot, I don’t recommend it, but I would not outlaw it. Prohibition didn’t work, and neither does the war on marijuana.

The President’s address to the Joint Session of Congress was truly historic

Not just because it was delivered by the first black African-American President. Continue reading

Islam: the religion of hate America

religionofpeaceThe poll is supposed to be good news about Islam because only 21 million Indonesians, rather than all 235 million of them — are rooting on al Qaeda to attack us.”  [Imagine if over 27 million Christians favored bombing abortion clinics and shooting abortion clinic staffers? I doubt the phrase “Christianity is a religion of peace” would be the first thoughts on our minds.”] Continue reading

Update: Myron Rhodes STILL not out on bail?

deliverance1Observant readers will notice that Mr. Rhodes’ blog “Republitarian” has not been updated all day today. I have not seen Mr. Rhodes, either. Have you? Very strange!  It makes me think he must still be in jail, unable to post bond. Continue reading

A behind the scenes look at the Obama Administration during the past week

How he sees himself working in the Oval Office: art_obama_office [Thinking to himself, “Hmm, where is ‘The Obama Girl’ now? Hey, if Monica could fit under there…”]





But how our enemies see him: obama-emptysuit       



[But I digress. Sometime in the past several days, in the Oval Office with Rahm Emanuel.]

rahm_emanuel11“OK, Mr. President–he he, Barry, it still feels weird calling you Mr. President–Nancy and Harry say they need you to talk down the economy, make everything into a crisis, so they can pass the Pork, er Stimulus Package.”


[Thinks to himself: Hmmm. Crisis I can DO!  For the next several days, at every speech and press conference…]

…”We are in a crisis!…We are in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression…this is a crisis…we are in a banking crisis! …We are in a housing crisis!…we are in an employment crisis! THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL!!!!” [ How was THAT for creating a crisis? ] Continue reading

“How to Give a Speech.” By Barack Obama

angel-harp[Tell ’em what they want to  hear!]  We are going to increase spending AND balance the budget! [Wait with strong courageous look, jaw set, lips pursed, until thunderous applause from Democrat lackeys subsides.]  We are going to give away free health care for everybody and save money doing it! [During thunderous standing ovation, look determined over at that fat drunken “The Lion of the Senate” and nod.]  We are going to cure cancer, save the whales, put a man on Jupiter, journey to the center of the earth AND develop cars that can get 300 miles to the gallon of cattle produced methane–all in my first full year in office!  Continue reading

The Liberal Ten Commandments of How to Argue

danbury_mint_ten_commandments_with_box_p0000013277s0009t2I. Be creative with the facts. Facts are fungible. Don’t be afraid to twist, ignore or make up facts, if necessary. Never let the facts get in the way of winning the argument—the ends justify the means.

II. Avoid arguments that you can’t win.  Some conservatives are just too intelligent to argue with—e.g., John Doe—avoid arguing with them like the plague. Continue reading

Blew Virginia is getting his idiot on again

Dealing with idiot progressive bloggers is like potty training puppies.  They just keep shitting in the blogosphere, and we adults have to keep correcting their childish ways.   Continue reading

Myron Rhodes arrested for assault, brandishing a weapon and child endangerment

AP – 33 mins ago

img_3654-300x225PODUNK VIRGINIA– Local gadfly Myron Rhodes has been arrested and charged with assault, brandishing a weapon and child endangerment for an incident that took place when he flagged down the limo that was carrying gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe this weekend.  Police say Mr. Rhodes was semi-cooperative as they handcuffed him, took him into custody and performed a cavity search on him.  Allegedly his actions have all been caught on tape and are circulating throughout the internetContinue reading

At least Sean Penn had the “you commie, homo-loving sons of guns” part right

I think that it is a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect and anticipate their great shame and the shame in their grandchildren’s eyes if they continue that way of support. Continue reading