Obama Slum Dog Millionaire

barack-obama-smoking“Sheeeet biatch, git yo scrawny honkey ass back169501443_4d2540fdd31 out there and earn me mo money! I needs me some crack for my sistahs.  I’m gonna be somebody some day!”

 “Yeah, sure you are BaaAAAaary!”

[Later, after a hard night in the ‘hood]


“Hey bitches!”

obamasmoking“Hey Barry! The usual?”

“Damn Straight!”

“Got crack?”

“Yo, you two should comp me! You lookin at da future President of the U.S. of KKK!”

“Sure, sweetie. But first give up the crack!”

“Daaaaaaaamn, you bitches never give a Brutha a break!” [As the threesome walks into the seedy neighborhood pay by the hour hotel, not far from the Community Organizing HQ, somewhere in The Windy City.]

[This is my tribute to all the libtards who have made it perfectly acceptable to use racial stereotypes again!]

2 responses to “Obama Slum Dog Millionaire

  1. OK now for some funny ! This is the original http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3xxxi_samwell-what-what-in-the-butt_music NOT the South Park version…Enjoy brother !

  2. Sick. Funny, but sick.

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