DuhBama going to raise taxes on the backs of charities

His Ignoramous thinks limiting the amount that those making over $200k is a great way to raise tax revenues. Hey mindless fans of the Shucker and Jiver in Chief, I hate to break it to you, but the less charitable deductions you allow, the less money “the rich” will donate to charity. Now, I know he planned this because a) liberals don’t donate to charity anyway, but also b) this ex-crack head wants the Government to get the money that would otherwise go to charities so he and Nan and Harry can dole it out to the Democrap faithful as pork.  But many of you idiots who were dumb enough to vote for him won’t see it coming until in a few short years charities will be out of money and you dumbasses will wonder why. Heck, you idiots will probably even blame it on Bush.

Per The Washington Times:”the charitable giving deduction reduction, which would limit deductions for couples making $250,000 or individuals making $200,000, provoked the most heat Thursday. Mr. Obama is counting on that provision to raise $179.8 billion over 10 years.”

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