BNN’s resident moron, er I mean REAL MAN OF GENIUS at Blue Virginia spreadin lies again


 But you Real Man of Genius at Blow Virginia aren’t even man enough to actually add something to the lies. You just repeat them, and then pat yourself on the back–ewww, watch out for the residue on your back, you Bukkake noodle warrior you! Nevertheless, we salute you!

[Too those whose brains have not been rotted by the AIDS virus, Jindall said the event occurred “during Katrina.”  Assuming his audience had a little common sense, he figured even a crack queen could figure out that people were not actually taking boats out when Katrina was directly overhead and the winds were howling. Those with I.Q.s above room temp can comprehend that “during Katrina” meant while the rescue of victims was ongoing.] But not you, REAL MAN OF GENIUS!  Not you, guy who regularly wears fur coats that exhibit Monica’s Dress Syndrome. Not you, guy who never met a leftist lie you didn’t like! So this Bud’s Bukkake udon’s [noodles] for you!

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