Wilder fraud?


Doug Wilder’s legal fight cost the city $1.1 million? WTF?!! I could buy a lawyer for four GD years for that price and have them do nothing else for the entire four years but work on just one lawsuit! What a crock of shit whoever agreed to pay those exhorbitant fees. And what a crock of shit whoever charged those fees. Totally unbelievable. And totally outrageous.  Somebody ought to be fired (if anybody is still there who is responsible) and somebody ought to be disbarred, in my humble opinion [Whatever, you low class punks who charged those exhorbitant fees–it ain’t defamation if it’s true!].

From the Times Dispatch: “Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones has ended the legal fight between the City Council and former Mayor L. Douglas Wilder.”

“With taxpayers having already spent more than $1.1 million in legal fees, Jones said yesterday that he’s dropping two appeals that the Virginia Supreme Court had agreed to hear this spring.”

“The appeals were tests of whether Richmond’s new form of government gives the mayor the broad authority that Wilder envisioned, or whether the mayor’s power is checked significantly by the council….”

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