Islam: the religion of hate America

religionofpeaceThe poll is supposed to be good news about Islam because only 21 million Indonesians, rather than all 235 million of them — are rooting on al Qaeda to attack us.”  [Imagine if over 27 million Christians favored bombing abortion clinics and shooting abortion clinic staffers? I doubt the phrase “Christianity is a religion of peace” would be the first thoughts on our minds.”]

 “How about killing American troops in Iraq and around the Middle East? Yes we can!  83% of Egyptians are cool with killing American troops in Iraq? WTF kind of propaganda are they getting fed?”

“49% of Pakistanis don’t reject the notion that European civilians are fair game [to attack].” 

[Next time you see a Pakistani on the street, are you gonna wonder if he is the 1 of every 2 who think it is ok to kill you? I know I am!  I realize “a few bad apples don’t spoil the whole bunch” but when you have millions and millions and millions of people–all practitioners of the same religion–so filled with  hate and evil, there comes a point when we must admit the truth. Islam “the religion of peace” is a bunch of bullshit. Why can’t Islam have a great schism as the Christians did, either kick out all the hateful ones, or have the majority who are peaceful leave and call themselves something else? Do something instead of just sitting there letting millions and millions of hate filled animals sully the name of your religion. Looks like we’re gonna need more nukes…]

Is it any wonder people post pictures like this on the web?  koran_toilet

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