Update: Myron Rhodes STILL not out on bail?

deliverance1Observant readers will notice that Mr. Rhodes’ blog “Republitarian” has not been updated all day today. I have not seen Mr. Rhodes, either. Have you? Very strange!  It makes me think he must still be in jail, unable to post bond.

This intrepid reporter has heard of a possible deal in the works. Word out of the McAuliffe campaign headquarters has it that the parties are seeking to strike a deal. In exchange for all charges being dropped against Mr. Rhodes, he must sign papers in which he agrees to never accost liberal carpet bagging politicians again in front of his house. And he must agree to abide by a Restraining Order which forbids him from having any contact with gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, and to refrain from coming within 500 yards of Mr. McAuliffe.  Said a sheepish Mr. McAuliffe: “I feel like a wimpy doofus, but the guy really scared the bejeebers out of me!”

Mrs. Rhodes was heard muttering in the background: “Sheesh. Why didn’t I think of getting a restraining order against Myron?”

[not all parts of this news story may or not be true. could be inspired by portions of the truth. kinda. I wonder. But it could be true, as Dan Rather said. It FEELS true.]

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