A behind the scenes look at the Obama Administration during the past week

How he sees himself working in the Oval Office: art_obama_office [Thinking to himself, “Hmm, where is ‘The Obama Girl’ now? Hey, if Monica could fit under there…”]





But how our enemies see him: obama-emptysuit       



[But I digress. Sometime in the past several days, in the Oval Office with Rahm Emanuel.]

rahm_emanuel11“OK, Mr. President–he he, Barry, it still feels weird calling you Mr. President–Nancy and Harry say they need you to talk down the economy, make everything into a crisis, so they can pass the Pork, er Stimulus Package.”


[Thinks to himself: Hmmm. Crisis I can DO!  For the next several days, at every speech and press conference…]

…”We are in a crisis!…We are in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression…this is a crisis…we are in a banking crisis! …We are in a housing crisis!…we are in an employment crisis! THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL!!!!” [ How was THAT for creating a crisis? ]

[Shortly thereafter…]



 The markets crash. They caught Barry’s drift.









 The housing market kept crashing. Barry did say this is a crisis.




 The “Consumer Confidence Index” fell through the floor. Confidence? During a “CRISIS”? Surely you jest. 











 Employers laid off workers in droves. “We can’t afford no stupid workers during a “CRISIS”!






[Days later, again Emanuel speaks privately to our Hero.]


 “Ruh ruh, Rastro! Soros wants to have a word with you. Said something about over-doing this “crisis” shit! Barry, prepare yourself, Bro.



George Soros, liberal billionaire and biggest contributor to our Heroe’s election campaign: “WHAT THE FUCK were you doing the past few days?!! I51718220 told Harry and Nancy to have you talk up the crisis a little bit, not send the stock market into a free fall! Some of us still have money in the market!!!”




“OK, BOY, here is what I want you to do. Go out there in the “Joint Sessions of Congress Address” and start acting positive. You little monkey boy: No more of this crisis crisis CRISIS bullshit! You HEAR ME BOY? B Hussein, I’m TALKING TO YOU! Wipe that crack dazed look off your face.”  

[Still in the Oval Office, after Soros leaves.]


“That was rough, Barry. If it is any consolation, obamahandforeheadap2while he was looking at you I was thumbing my nose at him.  But after he gave us $27 million to get you elected, that is about all we can do to him.”


obama-smoking“MAN, Rahm, I need a smoke after that ass-reamin! Why did I ever give up smokin crack anyway? The guy told me to do “CRISIS”, I did crisis. How was I supposed to know it would cause the markets to tank? I’m just a community organizer from Chicago!”





[Later, still in the Oval Office, shortly before our Hero gave his speech last night to the Joint Members of Congress.]  obama2” I don’t know if I can do this. Shit, I have zero credibility after whining about “CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS” for the past few weeks. Suddenly, I’m supposed to make like everything is fine?”


Obama 2008

[Headed out to the podium.] “I can’t do this. I’m gonna be sick. I’m gonna puke. I can’t do this. I’m tired of that fat bastard Soros owning me, telling me what to do, ordering me around, calling me monkey boy. Why did I take his $27 million? I can’t do this. I’m gonna be sick. I’m gonna puke.  Why didn’t I just stick to Mau-Mauing evil corporations back in Chicago? I can’t do this. I’m gonna be sick. I REALLY AM GOING TO PUKE!




 [But somehow our Hero made it to the podium and delivered his speech!] 


[Somewhere during the middle of speech, our Hero said:  “Blah blah blah YES WE CAN blah blah blah WE ARE THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD blah blah blah” [Then, during a particularly thunderous applause by lackey democrat lawmakers, President Obama thinks to himself: “OMFG! They are lapping this shit up! They are either the world’s ‘Greatest Deliberative Body of Dumbasses’, or the best actors and actresses in the world! I have a hard time keeping a straight face! And, oh, shit, how I kept from laughing at that loopy-looking Pelosi is beyond me. What kind of drugs is she on? I want some! Ooooops. Applause is dying down. Focus, Hussein, focus!”] And he resumed his speech: “My Fellow Americans, yes we can! Blah blah blah!”…

[That’s all for this week!]

8 responses to “A behind the scenes look at the Obama Administration during the past week

  1. WOW….you’re really NOT a Democrapt are you? I thought only I saw it that way. I wonder how the newest unemployed view his rash of CRISIS? She did vote for him !

  2. That would be truly ironic if she lost her job as a direct result of the Obamessiah’s constant cries of “CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS.” Can you say poetic justice?

  3. You don’t have to be a Republican to recognize this guy is a joke.

  4. True dat, Zombie. Hey, I noticed yer from Michigan. I was born and raised in Goodrich MI (next to Grand Blanc). I assume you live in the burbs of Detroit?

  5. Reasonable Human

    Is there any real argument here, backed up by facts, or just hearsay and conjecture? Do some research cupcake.

  6. Reasonable Human

    PS: Let’s not forget that Obama is a politician. If you think any politician holds your personal priorities or those of any other “everyday person” in any regard then you are a political nincompoop.

  7. John Doe, I live 7 min. from Detroit. Lucky me right?

  8. Zombie, I HOPE that you are well armed, and that your life is insured!

    p.s. “Reasonable Human”, have you ever heard of satire? Lighten up, Lois!

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