Presbyterian Church votes no on non-celibate queer ordained pastors and elders

The vote was 192-125? I’m thinking if it is even that close, that is just ANOTHER reason not to be a Presbyterian.

Times Dispatch: Published: February 21, 2009

“The Presbytery of the James, which represents 113 churches in central Virginia with 28,000 members, voted against a proposed amendment to the denomination’s constitution that may have allowed non-celibate gays and lesbians to become ordained pastors and elders. [What is next? Alcoholics, thieves, adulterers and pedophiles as ordained pastors and elders? What the HELL are they teaching in those dumbass churches for it to even get any votes?]

“The vote, 192-125, occurred after a brief and civil debate during a meeting at Ginter Park Presbyterian Church this afternoon.

“The amendment would remove the requirement that ministers “live either in fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman or chastity in singleness.” [Hey, swingers, come to church on Saturday night, swap spouses with the Pastor, then come for confession and forgiveness on Sunday?]

— Robin Farmer”

Hey, queers, get your own building and call your “church” something else, like a Mosque, or a Synagogue, will ya? Just don’t sully the name of Christ with your sinful life style.  And, oh yeah, God knows I am a sinner. But I don’t go around trying to justify my sins. You and your liberal buddies do. Big difference. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

4 responses to “Presbyterian Church votes no on non-celibate queer ordained pastors and elders

  1. HOW do you find this stuff Frankie? Yer startin to scare me, BWAHAAHAA!

  2. Just messin around Youtube…seems alot of homos hang out there showcasing their “views”

  3. I know youtube is addicting. I like typing in “chick fights” [but don’t tell anybody] or looking at real footage of iraq and afghanistan.

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