Do I HAVE to explain everything to dumbass at Blew Virginia?

dork-catThe “writer” there just can’t understand Bob McDonnell’s simple logic and common sense. 

“We’re all liberals at heart,” McDonnell says. “We just don’t want to pay for it.”

Well, dumbass at Blew Virginia, suuuuuuuure, I love roads here, roads there, and everywhere. I love free lunches, too. Free healthcare.  Free retirement. I want to quit my job and travel the world and never have to pay for a damn thing. The diffference is liberals have no problem taking OPM [Other People’s Money] to pay for shit that they are too freakin lazy to provide for themselves. It’s easy to be an idiot liberal. [Or “progressive” as you cowards have taken to calling yourselves.]  Promise lazy dumbasses the moon and pay for them with OPM. McDonnell isn’t being cynical–people like you are, for not manning up and paying for shit yourselves, and always wanting the Government to steal the money from other people to pay for the shit you want.  You lazy pieces of flotsom and jetsome are a blight on society. And you are an idiot for not understanding this basic concept that we are “all liberals too.”  Just some of us are too principled to steal OPM.

5 responses to “Do I HAVE to explain everything to dumbass at Blew Virginia?

  1. That is the funniest lolcat I’ve seen in a while. Did you make it?

  2. No, I just found it under google images typed in “Dork”. I WISH I could create lolcats.

  3. Actually, Progressive is the ORIGINAL term. They stole the term liberal so that they would be identified with the ‘classic liberal’ of the time. Progressive was getting identified with fascism at the time….

    Read up on Woodrow Wilson, our first “progressive” President and the closest that we’ve come to a dictator.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Csquid. I am only vaguely aware that Wilson was “Progressive” and never knew the exact evolution. Thanks for the input, and I love youse guys’ blog!

  5. p.s. We destroyed the name “liberal” and we can destroy “progressive” too. The little commie wannabes give us soooo much ammo to work with.

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