Dumbass in Chief reading my blog?

I post a comment about how he is killing the bank stocks by talking about nationalizing all banks. “Is the Obama Administration TRYING to bankrupt all banks? Just a couple hours later the newby President wanna be in chief realizes  his mistake and “tries to end bank nationalization talk.”  Coincidence? Oh hell no! This blog is influential baby!  Dumbass in Chief either a) had no clue he was killing the bank stocks with his words; or b) he got his fingers caught in the cookie jar trying to nationalize the banks and now he is trying to cover it up. Given  how naive and inexperienced, I lean toward the former. Given what a socialist conniviing bastard he is, I can’t rule out the latter.  

p.s. Ok, dumbass liberals, I know he wasn’t reading my blog. Not sure he reads anything except his blackberry messages from George Soros.

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