Anybody else wonder if we are being fed a load of crap about the two satelites colliding?

spy-vs-spy1Two satelites accidentally colliding with each other in orbit around the earth. One was Russian, one was American.  And you saps automatically believe the crap fed by the MSM that it was a random accident? 

One of the MSM articles trying to feed us bullshit and keep us in the dark did throw these interesting quotes in near the end of an article on the subject:

“But statistically speaking, the enormous scale of space makes the chance that this kind of direct collision would occur completely by accident infinitesimal,” it [a “security consultancy] said. [Empahsis added.]

“The collision occurred in a polar orbit not far from that of a defunct Chinese weather satellite shot apart by a ground-based ballistic missile in a Chinese weapons test in January 2007.” [Hmmmm. The plot thickens! Did the Chicoms shoot both the Russians and the American’s satelites down at once to make it appear accidental? Did the Russians do that instead?  The “collision” wink wink did occur over Russia by the way.]

 “The United States used a missile to blow apart a tank of toxic fuel on a defective U.S. spy satellite last February.” [Did we “accidentally” take down the Russian spy satelite, and then claim it was an accident?]

 “There was no indication that Tuesday’s collision was intentional on the part of anyone, said a U.S. government source who asked not to be named.”  [Sure, who would EVER think such a thing! Gasp. I’m shocked that it would ever even occur to such a government source to say such a thing, or to a reporter to axe such a question!]

“The European Union said on Thursday leading nations should adopt a code of conduct for civil and military activities in space.”  [How freakin coincidental that the EU should say such a thing right after this “accidental” collision. Code of conduct for military activities in space? Sure, this could all just be a huge infinitesimal coincidence…] 

p.s. Of course, the Government of whichever country did it isn’t going to admit anything. And the Government of the country whose satelite was destroyed by the other isn’t going to say anything. Spy vs. Spy baby.

Ok, go back to blogging about unimportant crap that nobody cares about, John.  Before the Feds come and arrest you for

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