First, they came for the smokers

When the liberals “Progressives” came to tax the smokers and forbid private owners from allowing smoking in their restaurants, I remained silent;  I was not a smoker.

When they taxed trans-fatty acids and took away private property to give it to other private individuals for their own use, I remained silent: those issues did not affect me.

When they enacted censorship with the McCain-Feingold Act, I acquiesced: shucks, I could not afford to advertize any way.

When they came to silence the views that I espouse with the “Fairness Doctrine”, and when they came to raise the tax on beer by over 1,900 per cent, there was no one left to speak out  those of us with balls finally cried “BULLSHIT” and began shooting the dirty M F’ers!

3 responses to “First, they came for the smokers

  1. Holy Duff Dumbasses! They have no clue how much that will affect the people there. Unbelievable that they think this would help their causes. People will just not drink beer manufactured there and will shoot themselves in the foot. Alas, the public will have the last word when they do not re-elect these idiots…if they should live to finish their current terms…”Bang Bang, shoot em up, bang bang, blow them away”

  2. Voting them out is too good for them. Firing squads if not guillotines! Off with their heads! Don’t touch my beer.

  3. IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER (the Czech Polka)

    In heaven there ain’t no beer (no beer!)
    That’s why we drink it here
    And when we are gone from here
    Our friends will be drinking all the beer

    In heaven there is no wine (no wine!)
    So we drink till we feel fine
    And when we leave this all behind
    Our friends will be drinking all the wine….

    [preferably sung while doing the polka with chubby women with flushed faces while holding your big mug of beer at a wedding!]

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