Who was the greatest President?

Gallup just came out with a new poll. Long story short, Democrats thought JFK and Republicans thought Reagan were Top Five material.  I disagree with both. And thank God Obama isn’t among the leaders, yet. Perhaps his coronation will be put off a bit. But I digress. The “Top Five” surprised me, and sickened me a little.

First, what moron could list Kennedy in the Top Five? I’m guessing only those who couldn’t remember anybody else and idiot Democraps who put form over substance.  The guy was only President for like two years. He allowed the Bay of Pigs to happen, then lost his nerve and allowed the invaders to be slaughtered by withholding air support. He caused the Cuban Missile Crisis by appearing so weak to Kruschev. He took nepotism to its highest level by chosing his inexperienced brother as his Attorney General. Granted, maybe he might have turned out to be great, but we will never know. Only idol worship or idiocy could account for him being in the Top Five.

And I believe that anybody who lived through the Reagan years would not put him in the list of the Top Five. Sure, he was very very good at communicating. “Tear Down That Wall” was great oratory. And he stood up to the Soviets, and bombed the Arabs. But he made many clumsy mistakes that a great President would not have made. He failed to veto the Boland Amendment, then allowed people within his Administration to make an illegal end run around the Amendment.  I applaud those who tried the arms for hostages dealing to keep us from deserting our allies as required by the Boland Amendment. The honorable thing to do would have been to veto the Amendment, and if the Amendment passed, to publicly defy the Act by giving aid to the Contras anyway. Get impeached if possible (it wasn’t, he was too popular). And the man talked about cutting Government but never really lived up to his rhetoric. His last term he was almost a senile old grandfather doing nothing most of the time. I don’t get, and I disagree with, the Reagan worship. Are we Republicans so shallow that we worship Reagan because we have nobody else to look to as a great President?

And I disagree with Washington, too. He won the war, and thus we worship him. But the only “great” thing he did as President was set the precedent to step down after two terms, thus avoiding us becoming a Monarchy or a dictatorship.  That was a great move, and a humble move, and a very smart move for our country.

Hands down the best three were Lincoln, FDR and Teddy Roosevelt.  Not necessarily in that order.  Not because I agree with their politics, but because of the way they used the powers of their office to accomplish what they desired.  I think Bubba will go down as a near great–he was a great politician.  But for the Lewinsky matter he would have been one of the Greats.

3 responses to “Who was the greatest President?

  1. John,

    I think the reason Reagan and Kennedy are highly regarded is because of their ability to inspire a sense of vision in Americans to be much more.

    That is a truly rare quality of leadership. They both brought forth a willingness to work hard and achieve great things. If we can conceive it, we can achieve it…

    We find ourselves in agreement on the top three.

  2. I believe you nailed it, Lowell. My problem is that I am railing against reality. I KNOW people are shallow and think GOOD SPEAKER and UPBEAT PERSONALITY equals GREAT PRESIDENT. To me, that is shallow thinking, form over substance. Like choosing a super-hot looking airhead over a real babe with brains. The former gets old quick. Well, eventually. 🙂

  3. Hey guys, I saw this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXtRrTNPFtg yesterday BY MISTAKE. Imagine, if you can, a Whitey did it.

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