Take this Psychological test to determine whether you are a conservative, a moderate or a liberal!

Copyright pending, John Doe Ltd., all rights reserved.  The answers and scoring are at the end, so keep track!

Badonkadonk: Beyonce, or J-Lo?




















Jessica Alba, or Jessica Biel?









[Of course, above is the infamous–in my mind at least–rainy pool scene in “Summer Catch”]


Not sure about the hat, BUTT…76756879746617be73ae61












Sarah or Tina?




DNC Lowell or RINO Arlen?






























Reagan or Obama?













KKK or the UN?










Hunting, or PETA?


















Hitler or Stalin?










Ok, chumps, get ready to score ’em!


1 and 2. Beyonce or J-Lo? Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel? The ONLY acceptable answer for real men is BOTH. If you liked them both but were too wimpy to choose both, you might be a moderate. If you didn’t like either, yer probably a faggot girly man liberal.

3. Sarah or Tina: Duh. This one separates the social conservatives (and the men with good taste in women) from the liberals and the moderates and the “elite Republicans.” This doesn’t end the enquiry, but it puts me on notice that you might be a flaming liberal.

4.. DNC Lowell or RINO Arlen: Neither, means yer a conservative, Arlen means yer a RINO or a wimpy conservative too afraid to call that dirty bastard what he is, a RINO backstabbing bastard. Of course, liberals will always prefer a DNC cheerleader over a RINO. I suppose it would be acceptable to chose Lowell over Arlen if and only if you did so based on Lowell’s “body” and not his politics, and certainly not his face!

5.  Reagan or Obama? Only flaming liberals and idiots would choose Obama so early in his Presidency over Reagan.

6.  KKK or U.N.? Neither, dimwits. This was a test to find the racists who said KKK or the total flaming New World Order morons who support the U.N.  They are both totally worthless racist organizations that should be shot and burned down where ever they are found.

7.  Hunting or PETA? Duh. Only flaming faggots and liberals would chose PETA. Extra credit if you were man enough to choose PETA– even though you know they are flaming whackjobs– just because the model has some nice “chops.”  🙂

8. Hitler or Stalin? Neither! Again, this was a test to try to catch you liberal scum who think somehow Communism is better than fascism. They are both evil!

By now, it should be obvious to even a dolt like the typical liberal which category you fall in. This test merely brings out the real you. Are you a manly God-fearing America loving hard working Conservative? If so, good for you. If not, well, people can always change.  Good luck.  😉

p.s. Just because I love their posters, here are some gratuitous PETA ads! Hey, if the GOP could get the advertisement agency that works for PETA to do their ads, they might regain the house and Senate in two years!























9 responses to “Take this Psychological test to determine whether you are a conservative, a moderate or a liberal!

  1. Hhmmmmm…what’s the question again??

  2. FUCK PeTA

  3. I not you say “God-fearing”, not “God-loving”.

    Is that because you’re afraid that God will judge you for all the hatred you spew?

  4. yeah dont even pet the bunnys

  5. 1 and 2
    Real men want every woman no matter what, right?

    Women are just men’s play objects, right?

    You know that these women are entertainers… right? They actually sing, dance and / or act.

    You, of course, have reduced them to body parts for your own self gratification (don’t forget to wash your hands)

  6. FUCK killing animals…we have to use weapons, I believe if you want to eat a deer go fight it like a good sport and try and take it with your bare hands! dont be a Bitch and shoot it…like the old saying goes any1 can point a gun, people that do are cowards, people that dont, dont need to! if u want a fucking pointless bear rug in your house go fight that bear with your hands if u kill it you earned it! Fucking hate how stupid humans are now a days like really any1 that kills a animal for “The fun” of it..i think we should give them steroids make them grow awesome fur/hair them stick them in the jungle and hunt them and show them what it feels like..anywayz PETA Rules cause they actually have a brain and know what a human needs and what is utterly pointless! GG Pussy animal killers. :]

  7. As I used to say back in the 5th grade, “If I want some of your lip, I’ll scrape it off my zipper…” Nobody–NOBODY–cares what you think.

  8. since human walk with 2 feet needs animal to expand, and animal needs human care to survive.. mmm

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