What I like and dislike about certain blogs

No names, and just personal preferences (some are blogs I frequent, and I don’t mean to offend). I hate when comments are placed in moderation until approved.  Hard to carry on a dialogue when it takes several hours for your comment to appear.  I like photos, 1233075104331illustrations, etc.  Pure comment without illustrative evidence bores me. Conversely, just blindly posting video after video turns me off–insert youtube vid here! (I go for the occasional video myself, but I try not to over do it.)  Simply reposting or linking to what somebody else wrote gets boring fast, too. I know, I do it, too, but at least make the effort to add your own opinion or flair to what the other wrote. Sometimes it is almost impossible–but every time all you ever do is just link to what somebody else said without adding your own thoughts and words? Come on, are you men or just unthinking liberal automatons over at Rock Dem and The Valley Progress. Ooops, I said no names.  😉  I don’t like it when people have a three page comment all above the fold. If you haven’t caught my attention in the first paragraph or two, no thanks, I won’t finish it. If you have, I’ll go on past the  “insert more tag.”  Conversely, I don’t like it when the commenter gets too cute, and only has a single partial sentence to get you interested in a linked article (Instapundit, I wish you were listening), such as “Man bites dog” or “University scandal”  I do like it when people post comments, and actually come back and read any replies. I don’t like it when the host(s) ignore comments, or are rude to their guests.

At the same time, I don’t like it when the host interferes with guests who are rude to each other. I am more rude on other cites because I am not the host. I have only been rude 1x to somebody on my blog. But I’m not your mommy, I’m not gonna make petty little rules about what you can and can’t say here.  I might ban some troll who just kept it up, but I haven’t ever even come close to that.

This isn’t an attempt at an exhaustive list, and I’m sure many disagree with me. Any of you other bloggers got any pet peeves or things you really like about certain blogs? 

[Gratuitous scantily clad woman, well, just because I can, and if you got this far you deserve a little pay off!] Updated, just for Paco, below the fold…






And if she’s not your type, here’s another:


6 responses to “What I like and dislike about certain blogs

  1. The only thing I don’t like about your blog is that the, er, pictures are too small.

  2. HEY, Paco, I can fix that in the a.m. bro!

  3. Great, John! Now there is nothing that I don’t like about your blog!

  4. I hate moderating comments, but it’s hard to keep up on the other end which blogs are being commented on if you moderate.

  5. Lord, John, I didn’t see that second photo ’til just now. I believe that photo was suggested by a little-known painting by Botticeli called “Venus Emerging from the Pumkin Patch.”

  6. Not sure I understand Clay’s comment?

    Paco, a student of the arts I see. Glad you liked her. 😉

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