The Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act

Introduced in Congress.  I have not thought this issue through, and could be pursuaded either way.  On the one hand, I don’t like tourists going down and helping to prop up with their tourism dollars a corrupt freedom squelching communist government.

On the other hand, I don’t like treating Americans like children, telling them when and where they can travel to other countries, and what they can smoke.

I would like to hear what others think about the pros and the cons.  Sometimes I think conservatives are against it just because we hate Commies, and liberals are for it just because they adore Castro and Cuber (as JFK pronounced the word–and oh, by the way, I never hear the liberal press condemn JFK for not correctly pronouncing words, even though they skewered mercilessly GW’s pronunciation of “nuculer” power).  I also think conservative pols are against it because they fear the Cuban voters in Florida, who tend to get a little irate about opening ties with Cuba.

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