How is it that liberals ALWAYS end up on the opposite side of conservatives?

spy-vs-spyIt can’t just be explained by randomness or dumb luck. Some of it has to be just be plain old contrariness.

Cut taxes, cut Govt spending! No, more taxes, more Govt spending.

Be tougher on criminals–NO, coddle them.

Religion in schools worked for 200 years. No, eliminate all traces!

Welfare doesn’t work. Oh yes it does!

Society needs morals to prevent disintegration! No, anything goes!

Each should provide their own health insurance. No, Govt should!

The economy will rebound. No, the sky is falling.

Man made climate change is hooey! No reasonable person can disagree with alGore! on and on it goes.

Sitting here, I can’t think of anything that the two sides agree on.  I’m wondering if some of it has to do with a drinking the Kool Aid mentality: I just can’t truthfully investigate my “side’s” argument, because if I find out that it is wrong, will it make me doubt that the other positions are hogwash, too. 

I’ll use myself as an example.  I’ll admit, I agree with Rush Limbaugh on most topics, because he agrees with me. But there is a glaring topic, one that I am intimately familiar, where I believe he is completely wrong. He believes that there is a crisis in our tort system and that we need national tort reform. I believe that is hogwash, a lie brought to us by the insurance industry to brainwash the masses (who will eventually sit on juries, and hopefully award less in verdicts and therefore save the insurance companies money).  The insurance companies publicize the terrible claims that are made (right now, the homeowner in Arizona is being sued by illegal aliens, and of course we’ve all heard of the McDonalds hot coffee case) but never publicize the cases where people lose righteous cases or get much less than is fair.  And as a “state’s rights” guy, I think national tort reform is terrible. Let each state determine its own laws. And ok, I’ll admit it: It troubles me that he could be so wrong on this issue, that I know so much about, that it makes me question whether he is wrong on other issues that I don’t know much about.  It doesn’t cause me to change my beliefs, but it troubles me.

And I posit that the same troublesomeness (did I just invent a word?) goes on in the minds of conservatives and liberals alike, whether they admit it or not. Instead of actually doing their homework, and getting the facts and making individual determinations for themselves, they just default to the position of whichever side they happen to be on.  (So-called moderates and middle of the roaders, I’m not talking to you. You are just too squeamish to actually take a position–everything is gobbledygook to you.)  What this does is cause a lot of disagreements and arguments by people who don’t have a clue what they are talking about. And it causes idiots to blindly support Obama, for instance. I’m only picking on Obama supporters because of the famous tapes that asked them why they supported Obama and so many couldn’t tell why, or when some were told McCain’s positions and told that they were actually Obama’s positions, the Obama went along with McCain’s positions because they thought they were Obama’s positions. Hey, if “my guy” takes that position, I take it too.  I don’t know the answers, just the problem. How are we gonna get past all this partisanship if we in a knee-jerk reaction always take “our side’s” argument as the gospel???

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