The Messiah can walk on water

ObamaBut he apparently can not walk through walls. Or windows.

3233991117_22f1bfed5e_oImagine if Gerald Ford had done this. Ooops. Probably too many of you are too young to remember how Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live unmercifully made fun of Ford after he had a few mishaps–over the course of years. But Obama hasn’t even been President a month and he is walking into doors and bumping his head going through doors. I’m sensing a pattern here. 

Here is Chevy Chase years later discussing that Gerald Ford himself and Chevy Chase too believe that Chevy’s unfair portrayals of Ford cost Ford the election to Billy Carter…

3 responses to “The Messiah can walk on water

  1. Yep, what an arrogant FUCK that douche is. I really didn’t get to see the Barack jokes he spoke of. They lambasted Sarah, too bad she is smarter than the lot of them…

  2. nice article for you to enjoy John… …too bad no one from their side will mention it…cowards

    At least Bush was stupid, not arrogant and full of shit like Hussein.

  3. More proof that eventually everything run by liberals turns to shit!

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