Dork in Chief: I WON but it should have been I LIED and VOTERS WERE DUPED

barack-obama-liarHe did not campaign on the current porkulus packageImagine his debates with McCain if he admitted: “This promise to cut taxes of 95% of the taxpayers is campaign rhetoric. I just made that shit up to get some of you idiots to vote for me.  I’m not gonna cut taxes. And I’m gonna spend a trillion dollars in pork barrel spending to pay off some of the Democrat supporters. I’ll call it stimulus. America used to call it Pork Barrel spending but if you elect me as President we will call it stimulus!”  

If he did that  it would be election over. McCain the Dumb Turd wins. Obama goes back to being the junior Senator from the Corrupt State of Illinois. And we might still be in this same mess. But I digress.

The real message here is to Republican Congressmen and Senators: Obama’s high approval rating and his margin of victory were based upon lies. Don’t back down from a fight with him. His approval rating is already dropping as the general dupes population begins to realize what we conservatives knew all along: Barry lied. He fed America a line of bullshit so vast it makes the Mississippi look like the urine stream of a 90 year old man with prostate problems.

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