Can somebody tell me the problem with being a Holocaust Denier?

What makes it so bad that a guy should be excommunicated from a church over it? Hell, they let queers stay in, and thieves, and robbers. And the Catholic bishop in the newws lately only said he thought the evidence was that 100,000 or so Jews died, rather than 6 million.  Numbers I’ve seen elsewhere estimated 4.5 million died. Does that mean the lower number is written by a “denier” too? Am I no longer fit for public office, and only fit for public condemnation, for just writing this post?

And what is so sacred about The Holocaust? So what– millions of Jews died. But from what I’ve read, millions more died from communism in China and Russia.  Are Jews some how worth more than Chinese or Russians? 

I’ve seen the photos and read the history of The Holocaust, and have no doubt that millions of Jews died.  I am no “denier.” But I do balk at being forced by P.C.ism run amok.  They don’t excommunicate people who believe the landings on the moon were staged, or those who believe the U.S. Govt was behind 9/11, or even those who believe the earth is flat. It seems the Bishop in question  has more an issue with getting his facts straight, and needs to be educated, rather than having his nose rubbed into the carpet like he is a little puppy.  I admire him for sticking to his beliefs, even if he is wrong, until he examines the evidence. He has agreed to examine the evidence. Great, IMO, he needs education, not excommunication.  Am I missing something here?

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