Senator Stabenow has an ulterior motive for re-enacting the Fairness Doctrine

It turns out that Sen Stabenow, Democrat from Michigan, may not just be an ignorant partisan bitch, she might also be a crook [huge shocker there, a Democrat crook–NOT].  Besides just trying to muzzle free speech for partisan purposes–as if that is not bad enough–she also has a direct conflict of interest.   Re-enacting the “Fairness Doctrine” would directly benefit her husband, who is hip deep in liberal radio talk shows.  If she can force radio stations to air his worthless liberal programs, he and she will earn more money.

From Conservative Punk: As it turns out, Stabenow’s husband Tom Athans (who was busted last year paying a prostitute $150 for sex) is the co-founder of Democracy Radio, which produced left wing talker Ed Schultz. After a stint as executive vice president of Air America which filed for bankruptcy in ’06, Athens founded TalkUSA Radio, a liberal talk radio network.

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