Why I criticize Obama

emptysuitBecause the mainstream media have their noses so far up his butt that Dohbama’s proctologist seems like an outsider to them. 

And because the leftist American hating chicken-doves attacked Bush for keeping America safe for eight long years, so the least I can do is attack Dohbama for making America less safe in only his first two weeks in office.

Because Dohbama is so infatuated with his own imagined greatness that he doesn’t even have a clue that he is in so far over his head that he would get the bends if he surfaced too quickly.

And because his followers are so stupid and so clueless and so partisan and did I mention so clueless that they have to have the obvious spoon fed to them like Gerber beets to a teething two year old. “Come on, open up. You can do it. No, don’t spit that out baby. It’s good for you. Don’t throw the beets on Daddy. I know you don’t like this but you have to eat your beets…”

But mainly, because he is making so many mistakes and he won’t get called to the carpet by the people that really matter to him–people like The NYTs and Democrat Senators, unless we the people make enough noise. Witness the different treatment of Timothy Geithner and Tom Daschle. Same, exact offense, except arguably Geithner’s was more egregious. The only difference was that there was not enough noise made by us little people before Geithner was rubber stamped by the limp dicked Republicans and crooked Democrats. He’s proven already, in just two weeks, that he is too incompetent, too corrupt, to be allowed a “honeymoon.”

And finally, I’ll never forget–and never forgive–what the left did to George W. Bush.  They started this war.  I’m just continuing it. The model that they used? Attack over little things. Hell, make shit up, and repeat the lies over and over and over and over and OVER and over and over and OVER AND OVER. Yeah, I’ll cut Obama some slack. Like, um, ugh, ummm, like, I mean, uh, when hell, uh, uh ummm, freezes, like over.

6 responses to “Why I criticize Obama

  1. For as much shit the others gave Bush over speech, I find it amusing to listen to Mess IIii Uuuuhhh ANYTIME HE SPEAKS. Not once has he had the LEADER style of speech. He continues with the ummms and ahhs almost as much as his followers. His wife is no better and it is sad to think that his voters did it just because how he belched out such trash on the campaign trail.
    His nominees are horrible, his past friends are horrible and NOW $900 Billion is horrible. If I were to grade him over on the Mud Pit he would get a D- -, he has done nothing but fool people into believing the Kids bill last night was good. It is the beginning of socialized medicine and I want my neighbors out of my pocket…NOW !

  2. I give him kudos for the signing ceremony. He catered to dumb people, but he did it well. Those who drink the Kool Aid that is socialism really lapped that shit up. Here, parade some dumbass little kid for the T.V. Here, hold up his parents as shills for the cause. Now, try to convince people that this boondoggle will not become the big entitlement that never ends like Medicaide and Medicare and Prescription drugs. Course, every Patriotic American who longs to keep this country from becoming socialized (there aren’t many of us left, Frankie, so get used to being a minority) gritted our teeth and threw shoes at our T.V. sets while screaming “YOU FUCKING MORON!!!”

    So I guess my grade would be an F.M. minus.

  3. John, it makes me laugh at the lack of responses from the Get In Line, Unscrew Your Brain and Insert LIES, group that refuse to comment on this blog. You know they read it, they just don’t have the balls to admit they were duped by a boy in a Magic Cloak that knows how to say the right words but not the brains to figure out anything…Sad But True…

  4. Well thanks Frankie for noticing. I don’t blame liberals for not commenting, but I wish they would. I don’t bite–at least not over the internet. I also don’t take delight in I TOLD YOU SO about Obama. Like Bubba, he has potential that could be used for good, if only he wasn’t such an inexperienced communist who means well but who is going to do much, MUCH harm in the next four years.

  5. And I forgot to mention that I think McCain would have been only marginally better than Obama at best.

  6. Oh, I agree. Mclame is nothing but a butt munching used to be. I commend his service at any level but he is not the leader of our party. He is but a word chewing, ass licking, middle of the road fish swallowing has-been that the DEMS love to make an ass out of.

    O is so fake, he sucks as bad as the DRC of Hburg

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