Tax Protest vs. Treasury Secretary

Secretary of the Tax Cheating Democrats Treasury Timothy Geithner will soon have his name written on every dollar bill in circulation.  Join the protest by stamping “TAX CHEAT” over his name, in big bold red letters, on every bill you come across.


p.s. I suppose if you are too cheap, or too broke from actually paying your taxes, a big red Sharpie will get the message across, too.

p.p.s. This could stimulate the economy, too, by encouraging the purchase of “Tax Cheat” stamps, and sharpies! And imagine the delight of some numatist in years to come as he finds an ultra rare $20 bill in mint condition without “TAX CHEAT” stamped or written over Geithner’s signature! “OH MY GAWD MARTHA! I’ve found the Holy Grail of dollar bills!”

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