Let us hope He changes

Obama is a Master of Disaster in only two weeks. Pandering to the Muslims, and getting slapped down by Ahmadinejad in return. Showing weakness to the Russian Bear and getting tested in return. Baraking  Barking up the wrong tree with India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. Suddenly, the Mister Rogers’ world neighborhood ain’t welcoming the community activist to the mau mau.

An Obamaplosion

“I get loads of quasi-hate mail about questioning Obama’s candidacy and governance. But I am worried, not about Obama, or the politics of governance, but about the nation itself. The media has forsaken us. But after only two weeks we are in a crisis stage of confidence, and the story is spiraling by the hour out of control. I write here not to score points, but to warn readers that this is all very serious. Obama is our President, and we must hope he does something fast to save his administration from general ridicule that will incur real dangers for all of us abroad.” [Great article, it chronicles his many screw-ups in just what, TWO FREAKIN WEEKS?]

We are going to go from most hated (because they feared George and Dick) to most threatened because they know this limp wristed crack head won’t lift a finger to protect American interests.  Hope–PRAY–that this under-qualified over-hyped pansy ass red diaper baby realizes that mamby pamby hippie dippy shit doesn’t work out in the real world.

One response to “Let us hope He changes

  1. What I LOVE now is that Obama is going to Indiana and Florida to shove his stimulus. Why won’t he go to KENTUCKY? Is he afraid of something? His PR (ick) dude says he wants to get out…PLEASE DO, back of out of the White House and save your stupid ass.

    IMAGINE, Obama is the second coming of Christ like his followers have thought, he is just a baby crying when not getting his way. This Gibbs guy is just smiling away…with lots of words but no meaning behind them. Ummms and oohhhsss and rig amoral and bullshit and later ummm I don’t umm wanna get too far out. He just said “The next few days …uuuhhh are like days in the future…uuhhh”

    Priceless, this clown!

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