Cap? You want to cap? How about we cap the amount of money that ex-Presidents can make?

DOHbama and the Dems want to cap the amount that CEOs of public companies can earn at $400,000.  You know, people who actually work for a living? Who actually produce goods and services that people desire? Those guys and gals? Dork in Chief calls their salaries “shameless.”  How about the amount of money that Bill Clinton makes giving speeches and selling influence to foreign nations, and using his “Presidential Library” as a personal slush fund? You know dipshit in Chief is just salivating while hummin’ “Movin on Up” while he thinks about the killing he will make upon retirement. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS BITCH!  And I think $400 k is more than enough for Bubba the serial woman abuser to make per year. And how about Hollywood lefties? $10 million per movie seems so excessive, considering that they are usually shitty movies anyway. Gee, this is fun. How about a tax on idiot liberals? Double latte low fat goats milk tax, $10.00 per cup.  Ugly ass Volvo station wagon tax, $50,000 per ugly ass car.  Prius tax, $100,000.  Tax on liberal professors, 90% of whatever it is they are paid.

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