Republicans, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

You know the Pubs can’t compete againt liberal Democrats! The sky is falling in! The country hates Pubs! Become a Moderate RINO whining sniveling little Democrap enabler!  Be afraid! The SKY IS FALLING IN!  Become as much like the Democrats as possible or we will all perish!

No, wait. Republican Chris Christie is up 6% in a poll, 42-36%, over incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine. In one of the most freakin liberal states in America! Corzine has an unfavorable rating of 50%! Americans don’t like Dems or liberals, they just wanted change from the Dem-Wannabes in the Republican party who ran this country into the ground, with the help and “leadership” of GWB.  Take heart, my Brethren.

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