Chesterfield County holds teacher without bond

Rest easy, Virginia! Some idiot judge or magistrate [I don’t practice criminal law but I know an idiot when I see one] is keeping us safe from those mean old teachers!

UPDATE: Teacher acquitted! Prosecutor admits that not really much to be seen on the video, and other students came forward to support the teacher’s version (that he never improperly conducted himself).

This reminds me of something my adult son told me lately.  He complained about a time when he got in trouble at school. Two other boys were pushing and shoving each other, and he was minding his own business and got in trouble for it along with them. He said the other two complained to their parents, who complained to the school, and their punishments were rescinded.

But when my son asked me to intervene, I told him if he wasn’t technically guilty in this particular time, he was guilty in other instances and just never got caught.  I supposedly told him to take his [minor] punishment like a man. I don’t actually recall this interaction, it was 6-9 years ago and not that big of a deal to me.

My wife chimed in and said yeah, and how did those other two boys turn out? [She already knew.] My son admitted that one was in jail and the other is a known drug abuser who has been in and out of jail. Sure, this is anecdotal evidence, but I think parents do a great disservice to their kids and the schools by intervening absent the most egregious circumstances when their children are disciplined at school. I always supported the school over my kids. If my kids got in trouble at school, they risked getting in more trouble with me when they got home. It worked in two out of two cases.

Times Dispatch: “A teacher at Tomahawk Creek Middle School in Chesterfield County was arrested yesterday on charges of assaulting three students between 12 and 13 years old.”

“Patrick H. Simmons, 29, of the 3900 block of Resting Place in Powhatan County, is accused of pushing the students against a wall when they failed to comply with his instructions during a school fire drill on Jan. 30, police said.”

“Simmons was charged with two counts of assault and battery and one count of felonious assault. He surrendered to police last night.”

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