The important issue about the Daschle debacle

873f8eam5Is that it illustrates what idiotic judgment Obama has.  Is he still smoking crack? Or is he surrounded by incompetents?  Sticking with your nominee is fine, if the problem is not that big of a problem. Geithner’s cheating on income taxes when he was nominated to be head of the IRS? HUGE problem.

And then Daschle comes along with an even larger cheating problem. Why wait for the NYTs–Obama’s butt sniffers all–to have even them admit that the two picks were idiotic? Rather, Obama should have gotten ahead of the problem, he should have put out the word that he did not know of the problems due to improper vetting (yeah, blame it on the vetters), and cut them lose. Instead, he stuck with two losers and ruined any credibility that he came into office with about being for “change” and against corruption. Dude, it’s not always about what you can get away with because the MSM all want to give you a blow job, and because the Dems are amoral and unscrupulous, and because the Republicans are spineless. Sometimes it is about doing the right thing before you get forced to do it. Does Obama know what “the right thing to do is”? After this debacle it appears not.

One response to “The important issue about the Daschle debacle

  1. I really don’t think he knows what is right to do. Look at his past, and it spells his future. ALL the shady, un-American people, terrorists, ect. Not everyone has the brains to turn out like Christa…knowing that although you were surrounded by bad people, you don’t have to end up like one. Mr. Obama doesn’t have it in him to walk away from the people that he considers friends. His friends (and ridiculously blind-sided Liberals and cohorts) got him to the top without providing the right answers.

    My next question is really funny…How long until Rev’s Jackson and Sharpton say that The Mess IIii UUuhhh betrayed the Black Man? Not long I imagine…especially if something bad happens in an area like New Orleans…although, someone needs to get back on the streets of Chicago and clean that dump up!

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