Great blog thread about the Ryan Frederick trial

To which I would like to direct all readers at Tidewater Liberty.  Ongoing trial of homeowner who shot and killed a cop as cops were executing a search warrant. Defense is that he did not know it was the cops.  Start from the beginning. It is set out in Day 1, Day 2 format, easy to read, and fascinating.

2 responses to “Great blog thread about the Ryan Frederick trial

  1. John, what’s your take on this. It is a good read. south Norfolk is nowhere I wanna be…

  2. My read on this is that it was a tragic mistake, and the guy should not have been prosecuted. I’m a very law and order guy who normally gives the cops the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t give VA Commonwealth Attorneys the benefit of the doubt. Too many are sleeze bags. It doesn’t make sense that he would shoot once, then turn himself in. I think the cops had no business breaching his door way. I’m sorry the officer was killed, and I hope Virginia takes good care of his widow, but let this prosecution end. And the cops should change their procedure.

    p.s. go my Update to the Survivors of Ice Storm Kentucky. 🙂

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