OMG! ANOTHER Obama nominee tax problem

This one paid TOO MUCH tax!

“….If this was really just an accident,” one anonymous GOP Senator mused, “why didn’t this egregious oversight come to light until after the nomination.”

“The White House today took the unusual step of defending the nominee, before the story breaks to “get out ahead of the news cycle.”

“Tax overpayment is a common mistake,” said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. “You miss a deduction here, an exemption there, and the next thing you know, you’re writing a check that’s $143,000 too much. The president sees it as a speedbump to the confirmation process and is asking his colleagues in the Senate to recognize our shared human fallibility, and to extend a bit of grace. In the meantime, the nominee said he would work with the IRS to make things right.”

p.s. Oh. Wait. I’m sorry, if you are soooooo freakin stupid that you really believed that an Obama nominee paid too much in income taxes, run, don’t walk, to your nearest doctor, and have a vascetomy or your tubes tied IMMEDIATELY. You are obviously too freakin stupid to breed!.

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